When it comes to cold weather ailments, nothing is more annoying than a persistent, tickly cough.

It’s normally at its worse at the least convenient of times – like the moment you take your seat on a bus or the minute you crawl into bed – and can not only result in a sore throat, but tiredness and grumpiness due to lack of sleep and general unwellness.

How do you get rid of one? Simple. MGO™ Manuka Honey – it’s the only 100% natural food in the world to have effective and reliable anti-bacterial activity. This is due to its active compound,

Dietary Methylglyoxal MGO™ forms naturally in the Manuka plant. As well as providing the well-known benefits of natural honey against winter ills and chills, MGO™ Manuka Honey has proven effective in supporting good digestive health, wound healing, healthy skin, and aiding the recovery from stomach ulcers.

How do you ensure you’re not that person on the bus who can’t stop coughing? First, reach for MGO™ Manuka Honey 400+ Syrup, an all-natural formula for superior immune system support. This product is designed to assist with the symptoms of cough and flu, cold and respiratory conditions.

And always make sure you have MGO™ Manuka Honey Suckle Lozenges on you. The propolis in these lozenges, which has been gathered by bees from flowers in New Zealand’s pristine environment, has very high Bioflavanoid levels that have been independently certified to be at least 30mg/b.

Bioflavanoids are helpful in maintaining a healthy immune system. You can also protect your little ones with MGO™ Manuka Honey 250+ Kids Syrup. Designed to support the immune system and soothe troublesome coughs, sore throat and congestion, it’s formulated with 100% natural ingredients, including peppermint, thyme and aniseed that work together to combat cold and flu symptoms. This formula contains no propolis or alcohol and has a sweet liquorice flavour kids love. What’s more, it’s safe and effective for children aged 12 months and over.

MGO™ManukaHoney is available in Health Stores, Pharmacies and Online.